When you enter the Escape Room "The Traveler" you go back in time for a moment, mid twentiest century. You will find yourself in the living room of Sir Ferdinand Memphis, a very respected nobleman who has used a large part of his life to travel. And what kind of travels! He has explored just about the whole world and has visited especially places more than worth seeing and has met very interesting people.

However, Ferdinand is especially known because of being a frantic collector of very special objects. As a result, his whole house is decorated with items where even renowned museums can only dream of. For some objects he literally paid a fortune. He has not saved any efforts nor money to obtain whatever interested him.

Together with your team you are one of the fortunate ones who can admire his private collection. BUT, realize well what you're starting off with! Once you enter his house, you will have to do all the efforts of the world to find the exit on time! And guess... It is exactly part of his unique collection that will play a key role in finding the exit...

What exactly is needed and how you can unravel the secrets of his special house, you will discover on the spot...

This Escape Room lasts 75 minutes. En belief us: this maximum time span passes-by faster than you think!

We would like to provide you the following information about "The Traveler Room":
Level puzzles 3/5
Tension: 3/5
Claustrophobia: 2/5
Physical effort: 2/5
Number of persons: 2 - 6
Storyline happens: Around 1950
Maximum duration: 75 minutes


This Escape Room "The Pharmacy" is in full development for the moment...

We can already give along that, just like "The Traveler Room", this Escape Room will guarantee for another exciting adventure and suspense...

More info will come later... Promised!