At the boundary of the vast forests of Mol-Postel there is Lockfree located. Amidst this oxygen-rich environment you can go for an adventurous and not-easy-to-forget experience. Lockfree is a guarantee for quality Escape Rooms with different themes, located in Mol. Click the menu-item “Rooms” to see which ones you can already visit and which ones you can expect later. All Escape Rooms at Lockfree are very carefully decorated with style and timeless character.

In addition you can simply visit Lockfree just to enjoy a drink or to enjoy a relaxing time in the special setting. You find yourself in an old Library with an authentic touch, just a scene from a movie... This Library alone is already an environment that appeals to your imagination, but the extra fun aspect of this Library is that it is not just there for decoration. You can also freely take one of the many books and read it in one of the cozy corners of our premises.

Also available in our interior are several puzzles to solve, a snooker/pool, table football, and an authentic game of chess, all things that can be tried-out to your heart’s content. By the way, all available quality puzzles (with different difficulty levels) you can try at our place, are also available for purchase (gift suggestion…). Also interesting to know is that in summer time you can enjoy a drink and ice cream at our terrace on one of our nostalgic benches.

Whether you want to experience an unforgettable Escape Room at our location or you just want to come and drink something, without any doubt you will have a very pleasant time together with your family, friends, colleagues, schoolmates at Lockfree. Without exaggeration we want to assure you: From the moment you enter Lockfree, you will go through a very special experience.

Possibly you do not yet have any experience with an Escape Room. No problem! All kinds of questions about the Escape Room experience you can find under menu-item “FAQ”.

Aditionally interesting to know is that the possibility exists to exclusively rent our unique premises (with or without using the Escape Rooms) both on normal opening days as well as on other days. The permission logically depends on the purpose of the renting. When preferred, we can provide in catering and secondary activities such as a walk in the forrests in the area. All questions/propositions you might have, you best can let us know by means of an email (see menu-item "Contact" for contact information). We will answer you as soon as possible and let you know what can be worked-out on the basis of your preferences and within the possibilities of Lockfree. Therefore, be specific in letting us know what exactly you prefer. Although we cannot guarantee everything, at least anything is discussable.

Companies have the possibility to organize a meeting at Lockfree. Do you as Management / Department / Team want to get away from the work environment in order to meet in a peaceful, inspiring, special setting? That is possible at Lockfree! Its a guarantee that meeting in our unique setting will improve the atmosphere, closeness and focus on results of your group! And as you can read above, this can be combined perfectly with one of our Escape Rooms as an additional Teambuilding. For you extra information: We have fast and stable Internet access available, as well as a nostalgic little cinema that can function as unique presentation room (up to 12 persons) with projector, and also a separate meeting room (also up to 12 persons) with all meeting-accommodation. Also in this regard, all questions/proposotions can be best put in an email that you send to us (see menu-item "Contact" for contact information).

In case our premises are rented-out completely for a company/private event, this will be mentioned on time at this webpage.

Whenever you have a possibility to make a visit at Lockfree, whether you want to do an Escape Room or just to drink someting and have a cozy time, you will not easily forget your visit!

We already wish you in advance a warm welcome for your first or next visit soon!

The Lockfree Team